blockchain guarantee

Blockchain technology to guarantee the supply chain of surgical masks. 

The integrated project of transparency, traceability and supply chain control based on blockchain technology aims to enhance the product, made in Italy.

traceability and control of the supply chain

DNVGL Business Assurance Italy, world leader in certification and evaluation activities, has defined an Assurance system, supported by blockchain technology, in order to guarantee the production capacity to meet the demand for surgical masks, in compliance with the highest product standards, providing full traceability of the product and the raw materials that compose it, as a further guarantee of the quality and authenticity of the same.

Product value and protection

The project allows at any time to trace a given production batch to the raw materials used and to certain processing shifts, offering the essential information to the Client in full transparency, with the maximum guarantee that the product data have been previously verified against specific standards. reference, drastically and substantially reducing the risk of counterfeiting to guarantee product safety.

brochure safeguards

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